> Room 100


A Gallery of Nancy Spungen [and Sid] pictures.

Curated by Randi Marx.

This gallery is my tribute to Nancy Spungen. It is a place to remember and to reflect. This isn't a place to discuss Nancy, the internet provides many other options to do that.

I have published these pictures because I like the Hotel Chelsea and I like Nancy Spungen. I knew about Nancy before I knew about the Chelsea. I "met" the Hotel Chelsea because of Nancy.

I never met Nancy. I have met people who knew her and heard their accounts and stories.

Nancy wasn't a Saint. If anyone out there is I'd love to hear from you. I'm not here to judge Nancy or to speculate on what happened to her. This is simply a gallery of pictures of her, because I believe she's important-- because she is part of Chelsea history but also because she was a human being who lived, loved, suffered and ultimately died in a terrible way. It isn't exactly a pleasant history. It is one that deserves respect.

Nancy was/is someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's girlfriend and she died in room100 at Hotel Chelsea. That's not "punk", that's tragic.

RM April 2006.

Dedicated to
everyone who ever felt frustrated by their misunderstood brilliance-
you are not alone