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Co-ordinating Editor- Mme Carrie Bedsore

Carrie Bedsore is the contemporary face of urban anomie. Born on the wrong side of the tracks and at the wrong end of the world, Carrie inhabits a personal Manhattan and compulsively collects popular cultural artefacts. Bedsore longs for a return to a time where everybody wore hats.

Bedsore first visited Hotel Chelsea in 2003 and returned on a six week pilgrimage in 2005.

When forced to speak, Bedsore cites Brigid Berlin, Edie Sedgwick, Lily Langtree and Jackie Curtis as four of his most loved Chelsea Girls.

Graphic Editor- Randi Marx

Chelseaphile, Randi Marx lives and works in Memphis and first visited Hotel Chelsea in June of 1981. Amongst her artistic endeavours, Randi has produced a sequence of highly sought after art cards in which she depicts the Grande Dame of West 23rd. 

Amongst her heroes, Randi lists Nancy Spungen, Edie Sedgwick, Dee Dee Ramone and Layne Staley. 

TwentyThird and Seventh would like to thank:

AHCB #1 and AHCB #2 at Living with Legends: the Hotel Chelsea Blog
for the inspiration, the encouragement and the fabulous job that they do in feeding us our daily dose live from the Chelsea

Ed Hamilton
for his 'Slice of Life' pieces on which we rely to remember the rhythms of our 23rd St spiritual home.

Craig Highberger
for the generosity of spirit he has shown and for bringing so many new perspectives to our humble street-corner


Manhattan and her amazing people for welcoming me into the most wondrous, joyous and personally fulfilling six weeks  of my life.